Frieght And Logistics

Surface transport still rules as the most widely used mode of logistics in our country. It’s high time; the transportation companies switch to futuristic technology solutions to manage the ever growing industry requirements and never ending customer demands.

Features And Benefits

  • Centralised Administrative Controls
  • User friendly Local Data Backup
  • User Initiated Local Data Restoration
  • Centrally Controlled Invoice Rate Settings
  • Versatile Branch Commission Setting
  • Admin Controlled User Management
  • Consignments Temporary Unloading
  • Temporary Trips Management
  • Branch Locked Customers
  • Multi Branch Customer
  • Duplicate Customer Merger
  • Duplicate Customer Merger
  • Duplicate Customer Merger
  • Customer Credit with Limit
  • Automatic Remote Data Backup
  • Automatic Online Data Restoration
  • Inter Branch Intranet Synchronisation
  • Auto Bug Reporting System
  • Automatic Application Updates


  • Application Module
  • On-line Admin Module
  • Application Sync Module
  • Multi-Phase Automation