We enable enterprises to achieve success with high quality, better efficiency and greater productivity in their IT processes and implementations.

Enterprise Solution

Strategic Consulting

We come into scene if your IT process or implementation consumes your valuable time and money due to repetitive issues, or if your projects run beyond the ideal triangle of scope-time-cost, or you are facing inefficiencies in your regular projects or departmental functions.

Our solutions are powered by our research in mathematics and statistics. We have a proven expertise in mathematical modelling and statistical simulations. We have a research unit for developing generic software tools and applications. We have expertise in various IT process implementations, and project and work-flow management.

Enterprise Solution

Product Engineering and Re-engineering

We provide consulting services for software product engineering and re-engineering. We have experience with products in horizontal market segments (content management systems, HR systems, project management systems) and vertical market segments (manufacturing sectors, real-estate, health care, education and retail). We have knowledge in both open source and Microsoft technologies such making the choices of technologies quite broad and justified from the best practices.

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Application Performance And Security

We provide consulting services for performance and security of web applications built with open source and Microsoft technologies. We review the state of performance and security parameters through proprietary tools and make necessary implementations for optimal performance and security.

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Desktop Application Development

We develop desktop clients to be used within LAN or to be used as a thin client for a distributed application. We create office business applications to work with Line of Business systems and can make those accessible to those who know only MS Office.

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Scientific Simulation And Mathematical Modeling

We have long experience in large-scale molecular simulations that involves resource intensive computations for real-time scenarios and event-driven 2D and 3D controls. We have expertise in solving nonlinear integro-partial differential equations numerically and to model scientific and technical parameters for getting insight into the actual systems. We use custom libraries and alos the interface of packaged software like Scilab.