Identity & Security.

                  Risk is ubiquitous everywhere, everlasting, ever-changing. JITWORLD solutions, while perhaps successful in addressing a very specific threat, are at best inefficient, at worst they create a whole new set of risks and expense. we assess, design, develop, and manage mission-critical solutions that secure resources and infrastructure for governments and businesses. Our approach integrates resource and infrastructure security, creating the most effective and efficient security environment possible and freeing our client to focus on best serving its citizens and customers.

Enterprise Solution


This application facilitates important information of individuals, such as personal details, basic medical details, emergency contact information, emergency medical treatment details, information on vital heath parameters, Insurance details, name of the family doctor etc.

Enterprise Solution


This application is a Smart Card enabled application facilitating the Academic and other activities of students in a College Campus. The application consists of Modules to be used in different places in the campus.

Enterprise Solution


This application personalizes the card for a particular user with basic profile, family details, official details, contact details and Loyalty Details.Retailers have been using loyalty programs for years. On every valuable purchase, points are awarded. Depending on the amount purchased points are computed and are stored in the Smart card. The Points can also be redeemed. Transaction details could also be stored inside the card

Enterprise Solution


This application is designed to store the insurance details in the smart card like Basic profile, medical details and dependent details are stored in card. The Dependents can be added and deleted as required. Depending on the memory size, number of dependents could be determined.

Enterprise Solution



At each secure access point, a Time Recorder along with Electronic Lock are fitted. When the card is swiped, the Time Recorder checks if