Mobile VAS.

            The business world becomes more and more fast-paced everyday. With the advent of the "mobile business person", JITWORLD enables you to access information at your fingertips; the better chance you have to be successful and be pioneer in your field.We have vast experience developing mobile business and wireless enterprise data-access applications. We describe some of these mobile and wireless project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.


Have you ever wonder how to remember information about different personal assets we buy and own, like Laptops, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Music Systems, iPods and other Personal & Home Appliances ?, Here is the solution, mAssets, Now with Google Maps integrationNew Features: Now supports Mobile, Satellite, Hybrid, Roadmap views.


mNews (Smart RSS Feed Manager for your mobile with Auto Scan & Save)mNews(The most powerful and productive RSS Reader you ever come across for your mobile phone).Don''t miss the opportunity by missing what is happening around you and around the globe.Don''t waste your valuable time in visiting each news source or blog for up to date information.


Now with new search from home feature. (A special screen withsearch box allows you to access records much faster).Major features : Simple and secure confidential information manager.


Everyone in life have aims and goals to achive, either personal or professional. We all dream to fulfill our aims. We ponder over goals at different places and times. But if you are a bit neglegent about our thoughts, we may forget them and a valueble aim or goal is lost forever. mDreams is a tool developed by JITWORLD, that assist you in achieving you goals and dreams.


In any emergency times, you may not remember important contact details because you are totally in panic. JITWORLD has a mobile software solution MICE for this kind of panic situation. At a single click, your mobile application guides you how to respond to different kinds of emergency situations.