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Job Portal Development

The Objective

In today’s competitive environment, getting jobs and searching for candidates assumes greater importance. Earlier, the advertisements of jobs were limited to newspapers. But now the emerging economy demands the situation to change. We have various job portals, online employment exchanges, consultancies, company websites etc. In this situation recruitment should be time saving, cost effective and at the same time should search out the qualified candidates. By using the efficient methods and techniques the recruitment process is made easy. The employers and candidates see things not in terms off what they need, but in terms of best things they want.The client hunted a job portal which is meant for Employers, job seekers, and also which guides the candidates in various areas of job search and related things. Finding and recruiting the best quality candidates seems to get more complicated in the coming days. So the proposed system aimed to provide best class of employment services to job seekers, employers, and recruiters. The system should provide free job search and services. It should be quick, safe and easy to use. The system is meant for the end users -the employer and the candidate. The end users may be registered users or not registered.


We could suggest a better way out for faster recruitment, a job portal which is meant for employers, job seekers and recruiters. For employers looking to recruit the most qualified candidates, it offers modern technology and superior services to simplify your recruitment process. For individuals thinking about new job, new career, or new direction, it helps you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are right for you. Whether you are looking for a job or a new member of your staff team, you definitely have the right place. The best way to change your career or get the right people for the jobs is quite easy now.

Customer Benefits

1. Easy to use

The system provides the relevant information by clicking on the various slinks. The system is designed by keeping in mind the end users, the employers who are busy with their works, and the candidates searching for more and more jobs

2. Secure

The system is highly secured; the end users are registered users and also those who are not registered. The registered users have a username and a password which grants permission to access the restricted sites also

3. Quick response

The users are able to make use of the up-to-date information, which reduced the response time

4. Advanced job search

Candidates can view the most suitable jobs and the employers could make out the best qualified candidates through advanced search.

5. Total Solution

The system is a complete solution for various job needs both for the employers and the job seekers. It provides with advises and tips for candidates in career guidance.

6. Advanced methods

The advanced methods of job searching are incorporated here. Candidates do not wait for jobs to come. They explore their potential for being placed at the earliest in top most companies.

7. Common communication network for the enterprise.


The wider areas of job searching facilitate the quick and easy access to opportunities. The increasing job opportunities and changing scenario of the business environment today has made more people to search for better career and employers to search for better potential. This situation has prompted many to move to job portals to look for the ways that has been widely accepted and fully useful in job searching. In this sense the job portals assumes greater importance and we could develop such an efficient system which is used by lot many job hunters and employers.