Have you ever wonder how to remember information about different personal assets we buy and own, like Laptops, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Music Systems, iPods and other Personal & Home Appliances ?, Here is the solution, mAssets, Now with Google Maps integrationNew Features: Now supports Mobile, Satellite, Hybrid, Roadmap views. Many more improvements in user experience and UI.

Major Features:

  • Google Maps integration to search nearest asset service or sales outlets.
  • In case of any problem with your personal asset a quick and easy way to reach support or sales contact. (instead of searching all hundreds of contacts stored in phone book), now you can view location of support center on Google Map.
  • Remembering support & sales contacts of purchased products. Remembering invoice / bill information.
  • Remembering Store information like address and contact numbers.
  • Smart way to remember warranty expiry dates either to purchase extended warranty services or in case if the product is not as satisfactory as expected, then we might want to return that before warranty date.
  • An easy way to store all personal asset information in once place.
  • Opening support website link directly from application using mobile browser (avoids typing of web address) Google Maps integration to find support centers quickly.