mNews (Smart RSS Feed Manager for your mobile with Auto Scan & Save)mNews(The most powerful and productive RSS Reader you ever come across for your mobile phone).Don''t miss the opportunity by missing what is happening around you and around the globe.Don''t waste your valuable time in visiting each news source or blog for up to date information.Keep updated about latest news straight into your mobile phone.The best and most comprehensive mobile RSS reader ever.With innovative features like Auto Scan & Save , Remind me on this and Saved News with custom tagging .

With most powerful features like:

  • Auto Scan & Auto Save Select RSS sources of your choice and let your phone take care of scanning and saving the latest news from those feed sources and you read them at your leisure.
  • Auto saved news is well organized in the format Today, Yesterday , 1 week? etc for easy reference of time line of news items ( you can read them offline)Unlimited of Categories and unlimited RSS Feed entries can be managed.
  • Remind me on this:Set reminder on news items for which you got some action item like you saw a positive news about a company and you thought of investing in it , Don''t forget this just with few clicks you can set remainder and you never miss action items against news items.
  • Unlimited remainders can be set.
  • Organize your news with custom tagging:Sometimes we need to save news for longer period and for easier revisions and retrieval mNews provides custom tagging, create your own tags and map your news with those tags, now see the saved news under your favorite tags.
  • Other features includesAuto delete saved items.
  • Auto load news items at startup ( can be enabled with settings options or turned off to avoid auto loading).
  • Exclusive section for managing your news remainders.